Excursions in Salzburg

Hohenwerfen Castle

Hohenwerfen Castle +


Visit Hohenwerfen castle, atop a steep, rocky outcropping that you can already see from the autobahn. A bird of prey show, a museum with fascinating exhibits, as well as a castle tavern that will pamper you with culinary treats!

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World of Ice Giants Werfen

World of Ice Giants Werfen +

The World of Ice Giants is a cave labyrinth with a length of over 40 km. As with all caves, this one was created over a very long period of time. The caves in the Alps are still in the process of development to this day.

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Klammstein Castle

Klammstein Castle +

Visit Klammstein castle, located at the entrance to Gastein valley. Klammstein castle, an ancient historical jewel, is around 60 m above the access road atop the Klammstein (850m)!

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Lichtenstein Gorge

Lichtenstein Gorge +

The powerful rushing of the waterfall, stones overgrown with moss amid lush greenery, an atmosphere surrounded by legend, and rays of sunlight that create a rainbow in the fine mist.

In the heart of Salzburger Land, you can visit Liechtenstein gorge. Here you will find not only the most beautiful, but also the deepest and longest gorge in the Alps.

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